Wednesday, March 13, 2013

70 and 80 Degrees for Bluegrass Festival? Bring on the Jams

Bluegrass Festival Bands & Workshops

We've got the best weather setting up for Old Town Temecula's Bluegrass Festival - the best in 3 years. So pack up the baby's and grab the ol ... well you get the picture cuz there be jamming, music and fun in them thar wine country hills.

This event is FREE, YES free, and if you don't get enough during the day, for a small ticket price you can see three of the headliners in the comfort of the acoustically sweet Old Town Temecula Community Theater Saturday Night with The Special Consensus (only Saturday appearance), Bluegrass Etc and Silverado. Tickets are $15/20 Temeculatheater.org

SATURDAY: Free Concert Bands: Sweet Tidings, The Wimberleys, Sligo Rags, Silverado Bluegrass, Bluegrass Etc., Tail Draggers and Salty Suites. Free Workshops, Steve Spurgin, Dennis Caplinger and John Moore.

SUNDAY: Free Concert Bands: Bluegrass Brethren, Special Consensus, Tail Draggers, Next Generation, Silverado, Bluegrass Etc., Salty Suites, Sligo Rags and Sweet Tidings. Free workshops with Greg Cahill, Old Haywire and Scott Gates.

Appearing at the Antique Faire Saturday and Sunday, Old Haywire. Appearing Saturday Night, 5-8 at Sweet Lumpy's, Box Canyon.